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All About Tubes
Written for Paint Shop Pro 5 and 6
by Richie Dumlao

Paint Shop Pro's Picture Tube tool lets you paint with a variety of objects without having to draw them. You can add butterflies and beetles to a picnic setting, fill an aquarium with fish, or frame a picture with holly. Use one of the Picture Tubes included with the program, download them from our tube download page or create your own.
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Painting with a Tube
How to install downloaded tubes
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Painting with a Tube

1 Make new image

2 Click the Picture Tube tool on the Tool palette

3 Select options from the Control Pallete

Control Pallete

4 Position the cursor where you want to begin painting.

5 Click and drag the cursor to paint the Picture Tube. If you have chosen a Selection Mode option other than Random, move the cursor accordingly.

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How to install downloaded tubes

1 When you download a tube file, it is normally in a .ZIP or .EXE format. Extract the tube file under the tube folder (normally under c:\Program Files\Paintshop Pro 5\Tubes folder). To extract a ZIP file, you need to have a Winzip program installed.

2 Run your Paintsho Pro 5, click on File > Open > Select All Files , go to your Paintshop Pro Tube folder, then choose the .TUB file that you've just extracted.

Sample Tube File

3 Click on File > Export > Picture Tube. An Export Picture Tube window will popup, provide nescessary informations. On this Example there are 3 Cells Across and 3 Cells Down. Total Cells should be automatically filled in. Enter Tube name. Click Ok.

Export Picture Tube

4 The tube should now be on your Tube list ready to use.

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