Glowing Edges
Put a neon effect on your images
Added: 09/19/2006
Carbon Text
Create a carbon fiber textured text Added: 09-19-2006
Corel's Angels
Backlight effect tutorial
Added: 08/09/06
Create a focus on an object using Radial blur
Added: 08/09/06
Virtual Tattoo
Become a virtual tattoo artist!
Added: 08/15/2006
Captured Within
Capture an image within a transparent sphere
Added: 08/15/2006
Stylish up your photo to the 70's
Added  02-10-2006
Glossy Buttons 2
Buff that button!

Added  02-10-2006
Vector Graphics 101
Meet spike and his crew! Written by Ron Lacey.
Added  02-10-2006
An apple a day keeps the "Lasso" away! Crop an image using this trick.  Added 01-26-2006
Apple Makeover
The apple of my eye! Added 01-26-2006
Pour paint all over your text and let it drip. Added: 1-23-2006
Wild Thang
Turn that crowning glory of yours up a notch
Create your own caricature from a photo
. Added: 1-15-2006
Into the Shadow
Hide a face in dramatic shadow. Added: 1-15-2006
The Photo Within
Photo within a picture
Added: 12-30-2005
3D Chrome Text
Create a 3D looking Chrome Text. Added: 12-27-2005
Rust & Scratches
Rust and Scratches -- on your Text!!! Added: 12-27-2005
No Boundaries
Make part of an image looks like crossing the edge of a photo.
Added: 12-27-2005