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Content is King

by Mark Monciardini of
(This article is reprinted with permission from Mark Monciardini of

Content is the most important part of your web site. Providing good, useful, quality free information is what will make your site successful. The more you have, the more traffic you will get. People look for all kinds of things on the web; everything from how to organize your garage to how to make money and a lot more. Creating good variety will give your users more choices and make your site stand out from other sites, drawing more traffic to your site. There is nothing worst than creating a "been there done that" type of web page so try to be unique. If your site has good content, then people will start referring your site to their friends and relatives. You can generate hits from listings on user groups, schools, web forums, newsletters, e-mail and more. But you will find that word of mouth will be one of your highest traffic generators.

Give Don't Take
Just imagine if someone in this big world only gave and never took a thing in return. Would you think that person was nice? Would you have a great deal of respect for them? Of course! If you give enough, you will never need to take, because after a while, people start giving back. What you get back could be a little love, a gift, some laughter or wait! How about another hit on your web site! That hit is what you love and itís what youíre going to get if you give. At least on the Web you will. 

Giving on the web is usually free, useful information. People want things without the hassles of signing up, paying and completing forms. Make it a piece of cake with just a click away. Being fast, easy and convenient will keep your visitors coming back for more. People like gifts and free information, so go out of your way and give a little secret or two. Whatever it is, try different ways to make your visitors happy. Thatís what life and a successful website is all aboutÖ "Something for nothing"

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